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What is Cloud VoIP?

  • What is Cloud VoIP?

    What is Cloud VoIP?

    Cloud VoIP is a complete telephony system that’s suitable for any size business or school, whether you operate from one location or multiple sites.

    It provides a wide range of facilities, functions and features that allows you to link your fixed telephony and mobile easily and efficiently, helping to improve productivity, never missing a call or losing contact, which in turn helps you to work more efficiently creating a corporate image at an extremely affordable price.

    We have recently launched our very own Cloud VoIP Solution…………’Clearcall Cloud’ and it’s simply packed with clever features to help you make the most of your telephone communications!

    What is Clearcall Cloud?

    It is a hosted, cloud telephony service that is very easy to use! The calls that you make and receive will be over a voice-over-internet broadband connection (VoIP), and the phones are configured and monitored using a very straightforward web portal.
    Clearcall Cloud allows you to link your office phones to your mobiles. It’s also ideal for businesses whose employees are regularly on the move

    It has a wide range of administrative and call features that make it a perfect alternative to traditional PBX systems. It can be configured to match your exact requirements, even if your requirements are subject to frequent changes.

    How does it work?

    In order for a Cloud solution to work it requires a business grade broadband connection and a Local Area Network to connect you telephones.   It works on a pay per user, per month basis. We call them Licenses or Seats. Because of this, it’s very easy to add and remove users as and when required in real time.

    Yealink Cloud VoiP phones

    Cloud VoiP PhonesetClearcall Cloud has an easy ‘plug and play’ set up. Getting the phone system up and running is a simple matter of just plugging in your pre-configured telephones!  Clearcall Cloud operates with a range of IP handsets, including Polycom and Yealink phones.


    For the full range of VoIP handset models please visit our website: www.clearlink.co.uk

    What are the features of a Cloud solution?

    • Never miss a call: Divert calls to another number or voicemail when you’re on the phone or away from your desk. Use call forwarding to set other numbers on your network to ring when your number is called, or twin your phone with your mobile. Call waiting, use Call Park to put a caller on hold while you answer another call.
    • Never lose a contact: Know when you have a message waiting with onscreen pop-ups, SMS text messages and email alerts.
    • Work efficiently: Set Quick Dial Short Codes for your everyday numbers. Have all your internal and external telephone numbers quickly to hand with Address Book – see who’s calling and Click-2-Talk straight from your contacts. See when colleagues are free to take a call with Line Monitoring, and transfer calls to any internal or external number easily. Protect your precious time with Do Not Disturb and Block Anonymous Calls. Bring a colleague in on a phone conversation with Three-way Call and forward important voicemail messages easily to handsets or emails.
    • Don’t feel tied to your desk: Forward your calls to any internal phone, mobile or external phone. Access voicemail from any internal phone, mobile or external phone, or online. Access your contacts from anywhere with your online Address Book. Let the whole team know with messages on Shared Voicemail. Access your fax messages online or by email.
    • Work securely: Set passwords and pin numbers to secure your phones, voicemail and web portal from unauthorised access. Set external or mobile Failover numbers to keep your communications open in the event of a power cut, or local network failure.
    • Other features include: Music on Hold, Time Based Routing, Call Barring, Presentation Numbers, Performance Reports, Call Groups, Auto Attendant, Call Recording and Call Queues. Clearcall Cloud app, Wall boards, and Branding. (To discuss any of these features in more detail please get in touch)

    How do I know if a Cloud VoIP Solution is right for my business?

    If you are unsure of whether a Cloud solution could work for you, please get in touch with us and one of our experienced team of experts will be able to listen to your needs and requirements and advise you on the best solution to suit those needs and requirements. It’s as simple as that!

    Call us on: 0844 833 0303

    or Email: sales@clearcall2000.co.uk

    Did you know?  If you are currently on a traditional PBX phone system – it is very easy to transfer to cloud VoIP – read our blog to learn more


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