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There are benefits to both On-Premise and Hosted systems depending on the needs of your company. So weigh the pros and cons carefully – but remember many residences and businesses have already made the switch to IP phones.

People go for PBX/On Premises because:

  • Owning an on-premise system gives control and peace-of-mind to the company. It is one more company asset that cannot be changed or taken away.
  • Their broadband can’t support the cloud.
  • On Premise is more cost effective for larger organisations
  • Unlike hosted systems, on-premise will not require monthly rent or other fees.
  • Want to use both IP and traditional networks for calls.
  • They’re not ready for the cloud.
  • An onsite PBX solution allows you to stay with the same provider rather than start from scratch with a new vendor.
  • Along the same lines as ownership, an onsite PBX system puts the control into the hands of the company.

People go for the cloud/VoIP because:

  • Low or no up-front costs
  • More flexible and scalable
  • No additional maintenance or upgrade costs
  • No BT Line Rentals
  • Number isn’t tied to a location (use any geographic code, wherever you are)
  • Automatic updates keep it at the latest version
  • No maintenance costs
  • Free site to site calls

It’s also convenient for businesses because it’s so portable. A business or employee can move the phone anywhere and keep the same number – whether it’s at a branch office or at a worker’s home.

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