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    Telephone Systems for Schools

    Herts For Learning can help you make the right choice!

    We here at Clearlink do our best to have that one to one relationship with each and every one of our customers. With us you’re not put through to call centres all over the place; it’s a one stop shop here!

    unify telecom systems for schoolsIt’s extremely important for us as a company to give 100% to our customers and potential customers. Whether that may be customer service, quality of products and services or just take the time to deal with them on a one to one basis helping them to achieve what they need and want for their school or business.

    This is exactly why we find that attending conferences such as Herts for Learning’s School Business Managers Conference is fantastic ways to kick start a one to one relationship.

    The initial meeting is of the upmost importance as its establishing that trust between the school and the business (that’s us!) Being able to look a person in the eye and know that you can help them get a better service.

    At this conference we were able to interact with lots of business managers from numerous schools in and around Hertfordshire on a one to one basis.

    We spoke to them and listened to what their needs and requirements are for their school’s future telephony and network services. Even if they were not looking to change anything right now, we were there to establish that initial relationship, listen to them and their needs and, at their request, identify when would be a suitable time to get back in touch and re-establish that initial relationship.

    telephones for schoolsAs a result of this, we are now booked in with quite a few of the schools that we met on the day, to go in and discuss with them the upgrade path for their Telephony and Network Services and see if we can help them in the way we currently do with the schools we already have on board with us using our products and services.

    The Herts for Learning Schools Business Managers’ Conference was extremely well organised and well attended, the staff were great and the other exhibitors carefully selected to provide real added value to the even. Herts for Learning run an extensive programme of training and events for all school staff and we plan to attend many more of them.

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