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Call Recording

We understand the potential for business improvement that comes from recording and storing phone calls, from complying with financial regulations, to providing better customer service, to retaining customers and achieving higher frequency sales. First and foremost though, Advance Record makes it easy to find, retrieve and listen to all or selected calls through a simple but powerful web interface on your PC, MAC or tablet.

Choose Call Record to:

Demonstrate legal compliance

Our software complies with FCA, PCI DSS and HIPAA guidelines thus ensuring recordings are secure and tamperproof, that credit card details are not recorded, and that access to private data is fully managed.

Resolve disputes

Find calls quickly and email an extract of the call to your client to confirm contract details thus avoiding any ongoing legal disputes.

Monitor quality of service

Review calls to ensure that all clients have been dealt with professionally at all times.

Improve staff performance

Use our call evaluation module to measure staff performance. Work with staff to improve telephone and telesales techniques.

Drive business improvement

Use call recording in conjunction with Advance Report and Advance Integrate to provide the complete communications management solution for your business.

Don’t be caught off-guard…

Record abusive calls

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