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Software Solutions

Software Solutions

We are a leading supplier of various software solutions that range from Parent Connect, Patient Connect, Call Display, Call Recording, Call Reporting, Click To Dial, Web Collaboration and Voicemail to Email. These solutions have the ability to transform how organisations operate as well as driving down costs and providing better customer experiences. We supply these solutions and services to both public and private sectors. By working closely with our clients we are able to get a thorough understanding of their needs. We can then offer them the software solution/s to best suit their requirements. Our aim is to deliver the best customer experience to our clients while keeping costs to a minimum.

Integrated Solutions

Parent Connect
Enhances the parent-school relationship
Smartphone PC Software, links your telephone system and SIMS
SMS text, Email, Screen Dial, Screen Pop
Patient Connect
Communications solution for GP practices and other organisations
PC Software, links your telephone system and EMIS health
Call Recording, Screen Pop, Screen Dial, number verification

Unified Communications

Call Reporting
Reduce Costs
Retain Customers
Increase Sales
Call Recording
Improve Performance/Quality
Resolve Disputes
Demonstrate Compliance
Click To Dial
Increased Efficiency
Immediate Pre-call Information
Saves Time
Web Collaboration
Work Anywhere
Increased Productivity
Become a Better Communicator
Voicemail To Email
Store Messages
Manage your Time Better
Prioritise Important Messages
Call Display
Increases Connection Rates
Increases Call Backs
Decreases Agent Error