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Software Assurance

Software Assurance

All new Unify systems are supported by a 3 year software assurance support package as standard.

Whilst this support is in effect the system you have invested in will be supported with latest software releases, with this comes new product features and enhancements. This ensures that you will benefit from continual development that further increase the value of your telephone system.

It is essential to continue with this to receive these assurances:

  • Risk Control – the system has manufacturer support, providing a guaranteed fix
  • Software Updates – free software updates, patches and hotfixes, including minor and major releases
  • Security Updates – minimise the risk of phreaking/fraud on your telephone system
  • Elevated Access – RSP (remote access platform) allows us to facilitate urgent responses via a dedicated VPN direct via Unify's own servers

If your software assurance has expired, we can arrange for this to be renewed for you to continue to benefit from the on-going research and development at the highest level from Unify.

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If your Software Assurance expires, you are placing your voice communication system in a position of vulnerability.

  • Increased risk – no manufacturer support for ticket escalations
  • Static software level – no new features, patches or hotfixes
  • Outdated security – become more exposed to fraud and hacking
  • No elevated access – risk of reduced response time for fault repair

We strongly recommend that you plan ahead, renewing before your support expires. This will avoid unnecessary re-activation fees from the manufacturer and ensures you stay protected.

We can offer expert advise on best practices for software support and work with you to arrange a plan that works for you.

Please contact us if you require more information for your systems software assurance cover.

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