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Structured Cabling

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Structured Cabling

In modern business it is important to have a reliable, stable and flexible cable structure for the provision of voice and data throughout the building.

For this, most businesses install structured cabling for their computer and telephony requirements. The main advantages of this structure are as follows :

  • Central "patch panels" where all cabling terminates mounted in a secure central glass fronted metal communications cabinet.
  • Any socket can be reconfigured from voice to data and back at anytime. All sockets are RJ45 format.
  • Any device connected to the cable structure may be easily relocated to any other socket by the customer - simple office moves.
  • The ability to support nearly all communicating devices including simple / keyphones, faxes, modems, ISDN2 devices, audio conferencing units, PC's, printers, scanners etc.
  • An individual multi core cable serves each socket on the structure. As a result, if one cable is damaged it does not impede the rest of the network / telephone system.

In short, structured cabling offers the ideal cabling solution to meet the demands of modern business.

Structured CablingWe work closely with our trusted partner in delivering a high quality data cabling infrastructure, to businesses large and small.

Working together, we provide the complete solution to the supply of top quality voice and data network connections that are a vital part of any office organisation.

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