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Why are we different?

We have what is known as ‘WLR3 access’. This means that we get our line provisioning and rental from Openreach (who own and run the BT network) in exactly the same way that BT Wholesale and BT Retail do.

Some telecoms providers do not have this level of access, which means that we are in a unique position to deal directly with BT on your behalf, allowing us to provide the following:

  • Place orders
  • Book installations
  • Check engineer schedules
  • Analyse and log faults
  • Investigate number availability
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One call to Clearlink is all you have to make, and we do the rest

From your point of view we provide you with everything you get from BT, with the added benefit of our professional and caring support and service.


We provide call charges from BT wholesale and Vodafone, allowing us to provide flexible rates.

If you would like a free confidential price comparison on your existing bill, please get in touch.


An IP SIP service, or a SIP Trunk, is a phone connection which is carried via the Internet over a connection such as Broadband or Leased Line. The key benefit of this solution is that you can have a range of geographic numbers which can terminate wherever you like - so you can publish ‘local’ numbers that can be routed anywhere, but without any call divert charges.

This type of line can also serve as a cost effective and crucial backup service.

In addition to BT other brands we work with are:

Gamma Horizon

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