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ISDN and PSTN 2025 Switch off

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ISDN is a digital technology which has been around for some time that enables telephone and data services over existing copper wiring. ISDN is gradually being replaced by internet-based services such as VoIP Voice over IP (VoIP) which offers high-quality voice and video conferencing at a fraction of the cost of ISDN.


Why is ISDN being switched off ?

The ISDN switch off is due to ISDN services being discontinued by BT. ISDN has been superseded by faster, more flexible and cost-effective internet-based technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP), which can provide telephone or video calls using an existing broadband connection.

For many years ISDN provided a cost-effective way for businesses to receive ISDN calls, with ISDN line rental being significantly cheaper than standard telephone line rentals. However, ISDN has failed to keep pace in recent years due to the explosion of internet-based technology and services. This is due to ISDN being a 30-year-old technology designed when the internet was not as powerful as it is today. It has been superseded by faster, more advanced internet-based technologies such as VoIP.

So, what will replace ISDN?

VoIP is the most common alternative to ISDN. You might be thinking, what is VoIP? Well, simply put, VoIP is an internet-based telephone network that lets you make phone calls using your broadband connection. The benefit of replacing your ISDN line with a VoIP is that it can be used anywhere in the UK, and you will not need ISDN equipment. The sound is much clearer, and ISDN problems such as crackling and echoes are no longer an issue. ISDN cables can only carry one voice call at a time, so they cannot compete with VoIP in terms of quality or cost-effectiveness.



How do I switch to VoIP?

There are various ISDN replacement options available for your business. If you want to switch from ISDN to VoIP, we recommend choosing either a pure hosted VoIP system or a VoIP telephone system i.e., with equipment on site. Either will work with the new technologies however costs can vary depending on which solution is chosen. We will need to discuss your exact requirements for you to make the decision which is right for your organisation. Please contact us to discuss this further.

What do I get with VoIP

– Calls are secure with encryption, and there’s no risk of eavesdropping on private conversations or data being compromised when using VoIP compared to ISDN technology.

– A hosted phone system is scalable and affordable – you only pay for the seats/users which meet your business needs.

– VoIP works on any device, so no need to worry about compatibility issues with ISDN hardware, such as phones and ISDN adapters!

– Unlimited extensions means that there’s no limit to how many employees can be reached or where they are located.

– ISDN problems such as crackling, echoes and dropouts are no longer an issue with VoIP technology.

What to do if your organisation is affected?

The switch-off is an ideal opportunity to cut costs, embrace telephony’s future, and stop paying for expensive phone lines. So, if your business currently uses ISDN or analogue telephone connections, we recommend an early discussion so we can help you review options to move forward with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

It's time to think about switching now!

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