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Non Geographic Numbers

Non Geographic Numbers

Improve your company’s customer service affordably.

To better manage your incoming calls, we offer Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN), including 0800, 0845, 0870, 0871, 0844 and 03. Non-Geographic Numbers offer you a variety of options to meet your specific business objectives.

  • Improve customer service.
    Customers prefer free or low-cost calls. NGN offer customers a more affordable option for them to contact you and may improve customer contact.
  • Track advertising and marketing campaigns.
    NGN can be assigned to specific campaigns so you can determine the success of multiple campaigns.
  • Project a national and professional identity.
    NGN do not relate to a particular geographic location so they create the illusion of a larger organisation.
  • Increased information to improve call management.
    NGN provide detailed call information to help you determine how to improve your call management system.
  • NGN do not replace your existing telephone number but rather sits in front of it.
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Our Non Geographic Numbers

80% of customers say they are more likely to call a freephone number than a normal company number. A 0800 freephone number is the proven way to grow your business and maximise your return on advertising spend. We offer this service with no set-up fee or monthly charge, low rate and per second billing. Numbers can normally be allocated the same day as requested. We have adopted this service to allow greater flexibility and free calls for customers.

A 0845 local rate number makes your business as easy to reach as a local firm. With a 0845 number a potential customer can call you from anywhere in the UK without the fear of running up a high phone bill. You can expand your market nationally and compete on local terms.

0870 National Rate service enables people to call you from anywhere in the UK for the price of a national call, giving your business nationwide coverage without the need to invest in a local branch network. Once you have your National Rate number our network will deliver your calls to your chosen landline destination. Callers only pay for a national call (included on their normal bill).

You chose the rate your customer pays. If you decide to pay 1p per minute then your customer pays 4p per minute, if you decide to pay 2p they pay 3p. 0844 is a lower cost alternative to 0870 and is seen as a fairer and more transparent alternative.

Our standard numbers are supplied free of charge. There are no monthly or yearly service charges to pay. We will pay you a revenue share per minute on your inbound calls, dependant on usage. 0871 numbers simply point to your existing landline telephone numbers. You won’t lose your old numbers and your customers can still ring your old numbers should they wish.

The caller pays around 10p/min when calling this number from most BT landlines. You, as the 0871 number holder, do not pay anything to receive the call while your 0871 is forwarding calls to your landline.

All numbers that start with 03 cost the same as a normal local or national landline.
In other words, 03 numbers offer companies a more flexible way to handle incoming calls without imposing any extra charges on callers.