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DECT M166 Communicator

DECT M166 Communicator

Personal alarming and communication pendant for care and cure

The M166 Communicator is an alarming and communication device, ideally suited to provide personal safety to staff, patients and elderly people, such as in care and cure institutions and assisted living.

The M166 can be integrated into any business type regardless. Call Us at Clearlink to find out more.

  • The M166 provides freedom and comfort to move around Pressing the alarm button to immediately alert relevant staff
  • Instant speech connection with the patient for trust and  comfort.
  • Very easy to use: can be worn with a lanyard or a clip
  • Two charger models: a desktop and a wall model
  • DECT compliance for high-quality speech and security
  • High-definition audio in line with CAT-iq


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