Patient Connect - The Communication Management System for GPs

The communication management system for GP Practices

  • The communication management system for GP Practices

    The communication management system for GP Practices

    With an ever-increasing focus on regulatory compliance and the need to constantly improve performance, the demand for integrated communication and business management solutions has never been greater.

    Patient Connect is the solution for EMIS users.Patient Connect

    A new Practice Manager Edition of Patient Connect has lots of new and exciting features.  There are great packages available that also include call recording software.

    What are the features?

    • Record calls – All telephone calls are recorded as encrypted files and can be searched for and played back via a web interface. This facility enables the practice to easily review any calls to or from patients.
    • Popup Screen – When the telephone rings a discrete on-screen display pops up showing the caller’s number, name, as well as Address Book / EMIS information. This is before the call is answered.
    • Display Dashboard – When the call is answered the Patient Connect Dashboard is displayed showing additional EMIS information for the caller, bespoke notes and the “Contact History” of previous communication with the surgery.
    • Display EMIS Record Card – A single click of the “EMIS” button on the Patient Connect Dashboard and the active patient is changed to the caller and the EMIS Record Card displayed.Patient Connect Software for GP Practices


    • Click to Dial – Dial EMIS and other contacts directly from the screen by simply clicking the selected contact. Add notes to call, send SMS texts, or email for a complete outbound communication system.
    • Capture New Phone Numbers – Capture new numbers of patients, suppliers, PCT contacts or just annoying sales calls you wish to screen at busy times.

    What are the benefits?

    • Resolve Disputes – With an increasing amount of patient contact by telephone and the use of triage, recording of calls is essential so it’s absolutely clear who advised what, when and to whom.
    • Demonstrate Compliance – Conforms with best practice guidance in confirming patient identity. All call recordings are encrypted and stored adhering to BSI ooo8 standards.
    • Monitor Quality – Facilitates the monitoring and evaluation of telephone calls made by the practice allowing the review and improvement of procedures and staff performance.
    • Improve Performance – Reduce call handling times by on average 30 seconds. Patient Connect enables practice staff to offer an enhanced patient service and better performance.
    • Saves Time & Money –Deal with more patient communication with the same number of staff. Patient Connect will also assist in improving QoF performance.Patient Connect System for GPs

    By using advanced CTI technology, award winning call recording technology and the approved integration with EMIS, Patient Connect is able to create a unique communications management solution for all EMIS users.

    If you have any questions or would like a free web demonstration of how Patient Connect can benefit your business please get in touch with us!
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