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How to Switch Landline Provider

  • How to Switch Landline Provider

    How to Switch Landline Provider

    Are you getting the best value for lines and calls? Time to switch your landline provider!

    Q: “How do I switch my landline phone provider?”

    The answer is… it’s much easier than you think!

    Transferring your phone lines to us is an easy straight forward process. Just sign our order form and it takes just two weeks to change ownership with no disruption to your service. Most companies have a minimum of 3 year contracts – Not Us! Our minimum contract is only 1 Year!

     Q: “Why should I consider switching from my provider to Clearcall 2000?”

    Here are some simple ways that Clearcall 2000 can benefit you simply by switching!

    • Big savings on your monthly line rental and call costs up to 67% savings
    • We take away the hassle managing your lines for you from faults to new provisions
    • Our friendly expert advisors offer you a single point of contact who understands your business needs. No more queuing and call centre nightmares!
    • We provide a range of services from number porting to hosted VoIP and much more all under one roof with a supplier you can depend on.

    By going through Clearcall 2000, we provide BT lines at wholesale prices rather than BT’s retail prices. We are therefore are essentially up 67% more competitive on the cost of BT line rental then BT themselves!

    how to switch landline provider

    It works out to be an annual saving of up to £129.72 for each Analogue Line and £617.00 for each ISDN line you have!

    Our call rates are very low, and you just pay for what you use – No Hidden charges.

    Clearcall 2000 is also renowned for our excellent customer service with many schools and businesses referring us as we liaise with BT on your behalf.
    With any line faults that occur we are the ones who contact BT Openreach, book appointments for them to come out and chase them on your behalf saving you the time and aggravation with any line faults.How to swith landline provider by Clear Call service provider

    Q: “What is the process once I have switched to Clearcall 2000?”

    There are two different types of potential processes in which you can switch…

    1. A standard phone service – ‘gaining provider led’
    2. A ‘cease and re-provide’.

    Which process you follow largely depends on what provider you’re switching to and from and the type of connection you have or are looking to change to. In particular, if you are switching to or from a cable provider such as Virgin Media, you will need to follow the ‘cease and re-provide’ process.
    You can keep your existing landline telephone number when you switch if you want to. This is known as number ‘porting’. If you want to keep your number, all you have to do is let us know and we do the rest for you. Your telephone number becomes cloud hosted which means you can take it with you anywhere you go!

    Q: “How can I find out more?”

    You can see all our testimonials on our main company website
    If you would like to see how competitive we really are, why not put us to the test and let us do a price comparison for you on your phone bills? We offer this completely free of charge.
    If you would like to benefit from a free price comparison, or to find out more about our other services please contact us:


    Call: 0800 068 0110

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