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Guide to School Telephone Systems in the Public Sector

  • Guide to School Telephone Systems in the Public Sector

    Guide to School Telephone Systems in the Public Sector

    What Should Schools Look for in their Telephone Systems

    Within schools and the education sector, communication is crucial in so many ways. Safeguarding is key within primary and secondary schools where parents must be kept informed, especially in case of emergencies.

    In recent years, the need for more school places has resulted in a surge of school expansion projects. With this in mind it is more crucial than ever to plan for your communications technology and ensure you have a telephone system that works well for the school.

    The key elements that your school telephone system should deliver:


    1. school telephone systemsClose communication with Parents

      Modern mobile telephony means that integration is easier than ever to keep parents informed of the daily school events and updates through automated SMS. Clearlink provides the solution for this through our Parent Connect software available for all schools.

    2. security and safeguarding in school telephone systemsSecurity and Safeguarding

      Schools can be an easy target for criminals who are looking to exploit weaknesses in telephone equipment through toll fraud, which can cost schools a substantial amount of money. Furthermore it has become more important for schools to protect themselves from various threatening behaviour. Clearlink provides the solution for this through call monitoring and call recording applications

    3. scalability of school telecoms systemsEasy scalability and internal communication

      New telephone systems make it easy to integrate with your existing internal wiring, in particular data networks. As part of this it enables you to increase the number of telephones throughout a building where required. Anywhere that cabling does not exist; it is also possible to make use of wireless technologies via mobile apps and so on. Clearlink provides cabling or wifi solutions for this if existing cable infrastructures are not sufficient or require an overhaul.

    4. easy to use school telephone systemsEasy Administration for School Office

      It is now possible to integrate with commonly used education databases such as SIMS or Scholar Pack and more. This enables staff to quickly retrieve vital information and know who they are speaking with straight away, giving parents a better impression. In many cases parents will now be able to record child absence to an automated system as well listen to term dates/ information and events from the telephone system itself.


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