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Cloud Hosted VoIP in Schools

  • Cloud Hosted VoIP in Schools

    Cloud Hosted VoIP in Schools

    8 Reasons Why Cloud Hosted VoIP Could be the Perfect Solution for Your School

    Many schools are now looking to reduce their costs and move forward with the latest technologies with their communications.  Hosted VoIP or Cloud VoIP is the method that many schools and businesses are considering for a number of reasons.

    Here are some of the key ways in which Cloud/Hosted VoIP can benefit your School:

    1. cloud hosted voip for schoolsFree Call Recording
    2. Free Monthly Call Allowances
    3. No Monthly Line Rental
    4. No Expensive Maintenance Contract
    5. Easily Scaleable System (i.e. Number of users)
    6. Feature Rich, Added Extras Available Easily         
    7. User Friendly Self-Administration                                            
    8. Home Workers, Still Connected

    Future Proof Your Telecoms!

    With schools now making full use of their data network for computers and internet connectivity, why should your telecoms be any different? Cloud Hosted VoIP is designed to work the same way making use of your existing broadband connection. No more old copper wiring, that is prone to fail. No more expensive maintenance on ageing equipment with your telephone system being on site.

    Once you move to a cloud based hosted solution, your communications are backed by the latest technology available.

    Upgrading your telecoms has never been easier, choose your preferred handset and the features you need, and then your handsets are posted to you – preconfigured ready for plug and play operation!

    Yealink T48G VoIP Handsetyealink cordless handset for cloud hosted VoIP

    Where do you go from here?

    If you think this solution might be right for your school, or if you simply want to find out more…

    Please get in touch with one of our team today on:

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