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Call Recording Solutions

  • Call Recording Solutions

    Call Recording Solutions

    Don’t get caught off guard!!! You can record abusive calls!!

    Call Recording Solutions

    At Clearlink we research the best telecoms solution for your needs. When it comes to call recording solutions we have 2 options.  The first is great if you have a Unify Telephone System and then the second, Oak, is if you don’t.


    The Unify Call Recording Solution


      • Clearlink are now able to offer a bespoke call recording solution to those with or without a UNIFY Telephone system at a lower cost than ever before!! (Pricing depends on how many users would require this facility)Unify Telecoms and call recording solutions
      • Many of our school customers are now requesting this after having directives from NaCTSO with regards to security procedures and also general telephone abuse that has been on the increase in recent times.
      • For those with a Unify Telephone system, by installing My Portal for Outlook software licenses you can record any abusive call or threat at the click of a mouse. There is no need to go through the costly exercise of replacing the whole telephone system; it’s just a simple case of installing the licence software on your current telephone system.  See the video below for more info:

        • Other organisations require call recording to demonstrate legal compliance, Resolve disputes, Monitor quality of service, Improve staff performance and Drive business improvement.

    Oak Call Recording SolutionsThe Oak Call Recording Solution

    Oak’s call recording software is designed to make your business better all round at what it does.


    Choose Call Record to:

    First and foremost though, Call Record makes it easy to find, retrieve and listen to all or selected calls through a simple but powerful web interface on your PC, MAC or tablet.

      1. Demonstrate legal complianceoak call recording solutions

        The software complies with FCA, PCI DSS and HIPAA guidelines thus ensuring recordings are secure and tamperproof, that credit card details are not recorded, and that access to private data is fully managed.

      2. Resolve disputes

        Find calls quickly and email an extract of the call to your Client to confirm contract details therefore avoiding any on-going Legal disputes.

      3. Monitor quality of service

        Review calls to ensure that all clients have been dealt with Professionally at all times.

      4. Improve staff performance

        Use our call evaluation module to measure staff Performance. Work with staff to improve telephone and telesales techniques.

      5. Drive business improvement

        Use call recording in conjunction with Advance Report and Advance Integrate to provide the complete communications management solution for your business.

        If you would like to discuss the Unify or Oak Call Recording Solutions in more detail please email or call us today:

        TEL: 0800 068 0110

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