The Benefits of VoIP in Business by

8 Benefits of VoIP in Business

  • 8 Benefits of VoIP in Business

    8 Benefits of VoIP in Business

    Should I go VoIP for my Business?

    Polycom VVX 600 Series Business Media VoIP HandsetWe often get asked ‘what are the benefits of VoIP in business’ so this article aims to help explain in 8 compelling reasons.   Businesses are becoming more aware of VoIP, but what is it? VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol (it basically means voice transmitted over a digital network). VoIP allows businesses and computer users to make telephone calls through the internet in the form of data.

    This nifty and affordable piece of technology can provide flexible and high quality communications for small and large businesses across the globe. Here are our top reasons as to why we think VoIP is worth considering:

    1. Versatile -Make and Receive calls anywhere, anytime!

      One pain point that businesses have with their office phone system is that they can’t easily take it on the road when they leave the office. VoIP eliminates this pain by using software applications which are available on any applicable device such as a smartphone or laptop. When you are on the move with an internet connection, it’ll be just like making calls from your extension on your office telephone. You can also have the added benefits of presence, collaboration, messaging and conferencing on the go too!

    2. Flexibility – VoIP scales up or down easily.

      Web Collaboration - benefits of VoIP for businessPay for the users you need, when you need them. Add additional services and features you need, when you need them. The way the service is delivered means that you are in control of what you get. You can easily add a telephone to an existing data network within an established office. If you need to reduce the number of users the user can be disabled to reduce monthly expenditure, until it’s needed again. Users can use their office telephone at home, or anywhere else with an internet connection with suitable bandwidth available.

    3. Affordable.

      VoIP providers don’t have steep operating costs unlike many traditional phone companies. Additionally, as businesses can channel their calls and data through the internet there is no need to maintain separate networks, which results in more savings. Hosted VoIP has no capex costs, only a regular monthly fee on a per-user basis.

    4. Take your phone numbers wherever you go.

      Many businesses with traditional phone lines come across the frustration of not being able to take their phone numbers with them when they move office. Changing phone numbers can be very stressful especially when all your sales and customers contact that phone number. VoIP is the solution; it enables you to port your phone numbers to the cloud and so you can take them wherever you go!

    5. Easy to Install, Configure and Maintain.

      Simple plug and play, VoIP phones are easy to install even for those with limited technical knowledge. All you need is to plug them in to a data socket that is connected to the broadband service. Hosted VoIP platforms give you a friendly web portal interface to manage your own communications. It is easy to perform moves, changes and diverts in real-time.

    6. Integrates with other business systems.

      As calls are IP based it’s easy to integrate a Hosted VoIP phone system with business applications you use every day including CRM databases. You can place outbound calls through Outlook, Voicemail accounts and faxes are accessible through email. You can collaborate via the web, have video conference meetings and more, which is particularly useful for those travelling abroad.

    7. Telephone Systems benefits of voip for businessGive the impression your office is based in a different area.

      You are able to get a new virtual number of a different area code which would give you the local presence in different regions. This saves you having to invest in physical establishments, as well as giving the impression of a bigger business.

    8. Resilient Disaster recovery

      Provides a seamless failover in the event of network faults, with automatic diverts.

    No doubt VoIP has plenty of benefits for both small and large businesses and more of our clients are purchasing this solution.

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    We would advise as with any communication system, call quality is dependent on the underlying access available. A standard 10MB broadband can carry up to at least 8 high quality simultaneous calls, dependant on the type of service you are connected to. If your connection is also being used for data then you may notice a slight degradation of quality depending on the amount of data being used. For business use we would recommend a dedicated broadband connection for VoIP so that calls are kept separate from your data traffic.

    In all, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your business phone experience by moving to the cloud. VoIP users have so much additional functionality with features available to increase employee productivity.

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